It's time for SmarterMarking!!

A brief video showcasing PECS Data's on-screen e-marking solution, Smarter Marking together with a brief description of how PECS process exam results.

Smarter Marking is the new on-screen exam marking solution from PECS Data Services.

For further details, please visit or email us at

PECS Data Services and PECS (Mauritius) are business process outsourcing companies, specialising in Exam processing, document scanning, invoice processing, data capture, audio transcription, employee engagement surveys, on-screen chat management, database management, data cleansing and social media management and has offices in the UK, South Africa and Mauritius.

UK Telephone: +44(0)121 526 6039

US Telephone: +1 (702) 997 3232

Africa (Mauritius) Telephone: +230 426 8565

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