To engage or not to engage, that is the question?

Let’s face it all successful businesses are built around the people within and it’s no secret that happy and productive people equal better company growth. One of the best ways of engaging employees is to carry out an annual independent survey, something we provide for many clients. However even in the current times of austerity, I was rather shocked that a rather large International company I have been pitching told me last week that an employee engagement survey isn’t on their list of “things to do” this year. When I ask “why” the answer was quick and direct, “We are trying to save money and this is an expense we can do without, after all our staff are very happy!”

My initial thought was obviously disappointment, as we were hopeful of landing the account but then I thought that we all have to cut the cloth according and maybe this is a process that simply isn’t deemed “value for money” in the current climate.

I’m biased, as employee engagement processing is a service that we specialise in at PECS Data but putting that aside, I really do think that by a company engaging with their team,

can only benefit the company, regardless of the cost and just to put it out there we are talking less than £25 per employee for a company with 250 employees, for a complete bespoke solution.

So am I simply biased that I think listening to employees by carrying out an independent employee survey is a key part of any successful business or is it a cost that just doesn’t give value in the current uncertain climate? I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this.

PECS Data Services provides a complete end to end, tailored employee engagement solution, which includes paper and e-survey solutions, incorporating question writing, survey design, print, distribution, data capture and bespoke analysis.

PECS Data Services and PECS (Mauritius) are business process outsourcing companies, specialising in Document Scanning, Invoice processing, data capture, audio transcription, exam processing, employee engagement surveys, chat client management, database management, data cleansing and social media management and has offices in the UK, Cape Town and Mauritius.

UK Telephone: +44(0)121 526 6039

US Telephone: +1(702) 997 3232

Africa Telephone: +230 426 8565

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