5 Benefits of Document Scanning & Cloud Storage

Doc Scan benefits

Scanning your documents is an efficient and cost effective solution but I would say that, as this is one of our key services we provide at PECS!

Putting my biased view aside, having your documents scanned and stored on a cloud, will bring huge benefits to your business and actually save money and this is how;

1. Stop the clock!

How much time do you and your colleagues spend looking through manual paper files? You may not think it’s a huge amount but what if I said you could search and find that same document using our award winning cloud solution Click4.it quicker than you could have even walked to the filing cabinet, as our average search and retrieval takes less than 3 seconds! OK, you don’t get the same level of exercise as walking to the filing cabinet when using Click4.it but you are at work and you can get your workout walking to the chip shop at lunchtime!

2. Risk Avoidance – Don’t walk under that ladder!

Your documents are important and in some cases can be critical to your business. So don’t run the risk of losing an important document.

Fire, theft and flooding are the three main risks of you losing critical documents. However we have all read the story about that important file being left on a train, not to mention the infamous financial report with the coffee stain across it and even if it was one of those expensive rare monkey poo coffee’s from Peru, it still doesn't look great! Then and for those of us with children, those dreaded seven words “Do you like my paper boat Daddy?” as it suddenly sinks in the bath before you can save it! Do you see where I’m going with this? Yet you can easily avoid any risk by having your documents scanned and stored on our Click4.it cloud, as all your documents will be kept safe on our secure servers (So secure, we even house them in our ex Bank Vault!).

3. Save Space so you can play Twister on Casual Friday!!

Who doesn’t want to save space in their office? In London (and most Cities) for example, our solution is cheaper than the cost of rental space to cover 3 filing cabinets for a year and let’s be honest working in an efficient, tidy office is far better than desks with trays full of paper, not to mention squeezing past the archive boxes stacked up in the meeting room. As for Twister, it was a joke, everyone knows that Jenga is the current office favourite!

4. Be Efficient but make sure it’s Effective

Time is money, so manage your documents as best as you can and by scanning them and storing everything on our cloud, makes managing your documents as easy as it gets. You can search and find any stored document within a few seconds which gives you more time to concentrate on your key objectives, which clearly is an effective strategy. Don’t be that person that pulled up in the car park at work and suddenly remembered the documents you need for your 11am meeting are on the dining room table at home and thus you have to drive back home to get them. This is clearly is not efficient or effective!! I’m not saying you, as a fantastic, brilliant person would ever forget key documents but just in case you had a heavy night and wasn’t on you’re A game, Click4.it would have saved you time, a few extra pounds in fuel and most importantly by the time you had printed copies of the documents, the kettle would have boiled and you could have had that all important coffee before the meeting!

5. It’s all about the money, money, money!

Ah that all important phrase that seems to be the only thing that makes your FD smile, cost savings!

By outsourcing your scanning to an expert company like PECS, you don’t have any expensive investment in hardware or software. You don’t need to spend time recruiting and training people and although there is a cost to get the documents scanned and stored, you will create valuable space, increase staff efficiencies and be more effective, which we all know quite simply leads to greater profitability.

Our solution can cost as little as 1p per page. So if you want to put that smile back on your FD’s face, contact us!

PECS Data Services and PECS (Mauritius) are business process outsourcing companies, specialising in Document Scanning, Invoice processing, data capture, audio transcription, exam processing, employee engagement surveys, chat client management, database management, data cleansing and social media management and has offices in the UK and Mauritius.

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