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Document Management Services

We believe that our success has been built on principles of honesty and simplicity and this is no more evident than our award winning cloud document management solution, 

Our document management solution is used by many companies from large Blue Chip organisations to SME’s.

We collect your documents, prep, scan, index and upload the images to our servers.  We train your team (it’s so simple it takes less than 30 minutes) and you simply visit our site to search and search and find your documents securely in seconds, without any financial outlay to purchase expensive hardware and software.

Not only does give you extremely fast retrieval times when searching for documents, it is extremely cost effective.  So much so we guarantee to provide a complete end to end solution cheaper than any of our competition!! not only improves efficiencies but also protects you and your business against critical document loss through fire, theft or flood.  So good is our solution, it was previously awarded The Storage Product of the year at the prestigious DM awards!


With advanced features provides a secure environment to organize, archive, and manage access to all types of documents, enabling our clients to centrally manage their documents, which enables them to work more efficiently and reduce costs.

Not only does save you money by freeing up space and enabling you to find documents quickly, also gives you peace of mind that your documents will always be kept safe and will never be lost to disasters like fire, theft and flood.

Features and Benefits:

  • Totally web based, access your documents quickly from any device, from anywhere in the World.

  • A true paperless solution.

  • Store and manage any document type.

  • Powerful index search tools, you choose which index fields you use to search.

  • Save, print and email documents to anyone, within seconds.

  • No hardware or software investment costs.

  • No expensive training costs.

  • Streamline document distribution.

  • Improve communications by "sharing" documents.

  • Eliminate the need to install and maintain software applications on each user's PC.

  • Gives you excellent disaster recovery by protecting your documents against theft, fire and flood.

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