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Over the last 45 years, PECS have not only built outstanding solutions able to handle the largest scanning requirements but we have also gained an extensive knowledge base of what is required to deliver the most sensitive of projects.  Our scanning solutions utilises the leading scanners from the likes of Kodak, Fujitsu, IBML and Cannon, together with our innovative software allowing us to scan and digitise any physical type of document with ease from our secure facilities, offering market leading scanning services including bulk scanning, invoice processing, mobile scanning and cloud archiving.   With the capacity to scan in excess of 500,000 pages per day, we are truly one of the industries more serious document scanning companies and have provided our services to many companies and organisations and although we don't like to name drop, much!! you can check out a recent selection of our clients right here!


We provide document scanning solutions to many different companies and organisations, in many sectors including Education, Finance, Pharmaceutical, Accounts payable, Media, HR, Insolvency, Healthcare, Legal, Construction, Property and Estates, Heritage and Retail and regardless of the size of scanning project you have, we will provide you with a package totally bespoke to you. 

You won't find any complicated cost matrix either at PECS, as we give you a simple price per document and that price will always include all of the following;



Our team can securely collect your documents from anywhere in United Kingdom. (also available in South Africa and Mauritius)


Prior to commencing scanning, we remove any staples or paperclips and unfold and batch all documents, taking care to always make sure we keep attachments and receipts in their original order and thus reducing risk and improving accuracy during the scanning process.



By using the latest scanners equipped with double-feed detection, together with a suite of the finest software, enabled with many quality checks, we again reduce the risk of errors occurring during the scanning process.  Our solution allows us to scan the smallest of documents, such as small receipts and produce images to any preferred format, such as searchable PDF, TIFF and JPEG and not forgetting we have the capacity to handle the largest of projects.

Once scanned, each document is then indexed by capturing data from the relevant fields, such as name, address, invoice number, date etc. This process can be either carried out by automation or manual keying.



Should you decide that you no longer wish to keep the hard copy documents, we will securely destroy your documents and issue you with a destruction certificate.


With our head office being located in the Midlands, we are in easy reach of all major cities and regularly collect from London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the counties of Essex, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Kent, Sussex and Norfolk. 



Pick a number, any number and it's pretty much nailed on that we can handle your project!! With a scanning capacity of 1/2 million documents a day we can process the largest of requirements.  We can then output your images to many different media's, such as CD or flash drive, or upload to our

document management cloud,




Our solution for invoice processing can help make Accounts Payable departments more efficient and productive.  Regardless of format, invoice data can be captured with speed and accuracy, giving you the perfect value added solution at a quite brilliant, cost effective price. There are several surveys that claim to know the cost of handling and paying an invoice, ranging from £4 to £15 per invoice.  We won't start claiming we know your current costs, as every business is different however we will say that we are confident that the price of our solution will pleasantly shock you, as our solution starts at just 40p per invoice processed!!

The benefits of outsourcing your invoice processing with PECS are;




         No up-front capital expenditure buying scanners and expensive software.


         Reduction in Accounts Payable overheads. 


         Allows you to focus on your core business activity.


         No ongoing software and hardware maintenance overheads.


         Pay invoices quicker and negotiate better rates.


         Search and find any processed invoice in seconds.
















Standard for any scanning company however adding barcodes to your documents can sometimes not be as easy as it may first seem.  We have years of experience and have seen it all before and this level of experience can be priceless when you are looking to add barcodes to your project and let's not beat around the bush, this is easily the most cost effective method of capturing your data, so give us a shout 

and let's discuss how we can save you a shed load of hard earned!!




If you would prefer or indeed are not able to let your documents leave your premise, we can simply come to you.  Our mobile Kodak scanners together with our team of experienced operators, will visit any location in the world and have the ability to scan 250,000 documents per day.  Should your requirement be a more regular day to day project, we are also happy to install a complete scanning set up, train your team and process all the documents at our offices.  Yet the amazing thing is we still only charge you a per document processed fee, saving you thousands in up front costs.




We believe that our success has been built on principles of honesty and simplicity and this is no more evident than our award winning cloud document management solution, 

Our document management solution is used by many companies from large Blue Chip organisations to SME’s.

We collect your documents, prep, scan, index and upload the images to our servers.  We train your team (it’s so simple it takes less than 30 minutes) and you simply visit our site to search and search and find your documents securely in seconds, without any financial outlay to purchase expensive hardware and software.

Not only does give you extremely fast retrieval times when searching for documents, it is extremely cost effective.  So much so we guarantee to provide a complete end to end solution cheaper than any of our competition!! not only improves efficiencies but also protects you and your business against critical document loss through fire, theft or flood.  So good is our solution, it was previously awarded The Storage Prouct of the year at the prestigious DM awards!  Did we hear you just say "Wow, these guys are clearly one of the leading document scanning companies in the UK!" or did you say "The world"!!!

Check out our cloud here and see the benefits it could bring to your business.



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