Data mining 


Data mining and website scraping isn't as easy as it may first seem and it can be a hugely time consuming exercise however if done properly the results can be extremely beneficial.  

By extracting information from the web we provide companies with data that can populate directories and databases, monitor competitors SEO and product pricing and capture contact details which can be used for marketing purposes.

Our software has been designed to work with humans, OK that may seem a little obvious however there are many companies and software solutions currently available that claim their spider software will scrap the web and get you results and they will.  However only to a certain level and this is what we mean by our software is designed to work with humans, as all our solutions are inclusive of manual (human) intervention and verification, which will take a little more time to process than a 100% automated program but will return far better results time and time again.




We can build or update a database of telephone numbers and addresses of contacts and leads.



We can scrape all your preferred websites and format the data exactly how you want it and build you a directory exactly as you need it.



A staple to most areas of marketing and research and development and we truly know how to develop top results.





Tell us what you need and we will go and find it and provide you with valid email address.

Keep track on your competitors meta data and improve your search rankings by letting us scrap your chosen websites.





By checking the prices of your competitors products, you can ensure you have the most up to date price comparisons and keep ahead of the competition.

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Price Comarison Checking

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