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Whatever your data capture / data entry requirements are, PECS has a right solution to help.  Our hugely experienced team, together with our innovative solutions are able to handle the most demanding of projects, whether they are paper based, online, or mobile and tablet based.

Through many years of experience, we are able to reduce your data entry costs, shorten turnaround times and we guarantee to always deliver quality solutions.

We provide data capture / data entry solutions to many different companies and organisations, in many sectors including Education, Finance, Pharmaceutical, Accounts payable,Media, HR, Insolvency, Healthcare, Legal, Construction, Property and Estates, Heritage and Retail and regardless of the size of the data capture / data entry project you have, we will provide you with a package totally bespoke to you and with our head office being located in the Midlands, we are in easy reach of all major cities and regularly collect from London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the counties of Essex, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Kent, Sussex and Norfolk. 




Through scanning your documents, we are able to capture your data by utilising our innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software. This enables us to automatically capture your data quickly and efficiently at the scanning stage. Our software will "read" the required information and capture it automatically. This process will always depend on the form type and how it has been designed and how the form has been completed. By accessing your project prior to going live, we can decide if automated capture is an option at this point.



If automated capture is not an option, we can capture data from any form type you may have, from complex surveys to a simple name and address coupons.

We pride ourselves on achieving the highest standards possible and although we will never claim to produce 100% accuracy, as this is a people process and people do make the occasional keying error, we will however guarantee an accuracy rate of 99.9% for all projects that we key and verify. In fact, we are so confident that we will meet our promise, we will include financial penalties in our SLA should we fail to deliver. A guarantee which we believe is quite unique in our industry.


With a considerable capacity available, we are able to produce in excess of 20 million keystrokes per week, enabling us to easily handle the largest of projects and truly makes us one of the industries serious players, supplying our services to many first class companies and organisations and although we don't like to name drop, much!! you can check out a recent selection of our clients right here!



Our mobile and tablet data capture solutions allows for real time capture, and removes the need to produce paper forms.  Capturing contact details becomes a breeze, as does detailed questionnaires as our solutions provide a bespoke user friendly experience.  Our solution is built on our highly successful exam marking system, Smarter Marking, giving our clients a tried and tested platform to capture information when out in the field. 


The following is a list of sectors and applications we have recently captured;


Student registration forms, examination marksheets and scripts, surveys, assessment documents and certificates.




Mailing goneaways, donor sign up forms, gift aid forms, welcome pack fulfillment, survey and donation fulfillment. 



Case files.



Meter data, mailing goneaways, invoice processing.



Purchase invoices, customer reply cards, loyalty application forms, competition entries and mailing goneaways.



Patient records, surveys and pharma database management.


Invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, purchase orders, expenses forms, cheques, receipts and credit card statements Loan Application forms.



Employee engagement surveys, Employee personnel records, absence forms, P11D's, P45s and payroll records.



Customer surveys, complaints forms, warranty cards and account statements.


Competition coupons, loyalty cards and forms,cash back vouchers, on-pack promotions and mailing goneaways.



Questionnaire and Survey Processing.



Shipment notes, POD's, contracts, framework agreements, tenders, insurance records, RFP's, RFQ's. 




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