Smarter Marking by PECS Data Services

Smarter Marking by PECS Data Services

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Smarter Marking

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What is Smarter Marking?

For over three decades PECS Data have provided data capture and scanning solutions to the education sector.  After several years of development PECS have released their new e-marking solution Smarter Marking.


Smarter Marking is the most advanced e-marking solution currently available, allowing markers to mark exam scripts on screen using a computer or tablet quickly and accurately.

Developed with three main objectives;

  1. To be the most accurate marking solution available.

  2. To make the marker experience as simple and stress free as possible.

  3. To process question clips faster than any other solution available today.

How does it work?


PECS take control of the whole end to end process, from prepping and scanning the scripts right through to the management of the markers and the data analysis of the results.

Scanning is our core business and our solution is built to include stringent security and quality controls, allowing us to track every page of every script that we process from start to end.

Once scanned the scripts are electronically batched and stored on our servers.  For certain exam types, our software then marks the exam through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is then compared with the markers results further down the process, producing stunning results.   

The markers can now log into the Smarter Marking app by using their tablet or computer.  Once again security is at the forefront of our thinking, as Smarter Marking not only asks the examiner for their user ID and password but also uses face recognition software to check that it really is the right person logging in.

Once logged in the examiner is able to select the relevant exam and start marking the scripts.  Smarter Marking allows markers to mark by question only, (which means a marker marks questions that are most relevant to their expertise) or they can mark all questions in a single script. This is managed by the administrator, thus improving throughput and accuracy. A simple screen layout, complimented with a useful set of tools, makes the whole marking process stress free.   

Key Features


• No partners, no outsourcing, PECS scan everything in house.

• Our solution allows us to count the scripts in and count them out, which means our script control is second to none and reduces the risk of losing any scripts.


• Automated marking through OCR


• Huge daily capacity, allowing us to scan over 80,000 scripts every day.


• Totally mobile solution developed for the tablet market.


• Ultimate security, including face recognition.


• Exceptional accuracy levels, as Smarter Marking allows you to verify an automated mark against a human mark and only allow perfect matches to be processed. (*only available for certain exams)


• Simple Screen layout


• User friendly tools, such as choosing left handed screen layout or highlighting text.


• Real time chat, allowing you to query a question quickly and in real time.


• Fast marking, as images load as batches and therefore speed up the process hugely.


• Bespoke stats, allowing the marker to view their performance.


 • Search & find any script securely, in seconds from any device, anywhere.

To find our more about our on screen marking solution visit our main Smarter Marking site or call us on +44(0)121 526 6039

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