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So you have an audio file that requires transcribing, great you just completed step 1 by landing on our site but hang on why should you use us to carry out the transcription?

So here's the deal, we're trained to listen and capture data and trust us when we say we have been doing it for a good few years, as we have been around the block, in fact we've been round the block since 1972 and feel free to correct us but that makes us one of the old school.  That doesn't mean we still use eight track recorders but we do have those old school business ethics, which in this business is priceless.  In addition, we have a top team of agents, who together with our innovative software can transcribe one hour of audio in just 4 hours and yes we do charge a premium for our express services however we believe we charge a honest rate for all our services and our audio transcription solution is no exception, with prices starting at just 70p per minute of audio.  Now if your still reading this you are close to moving to stage 2 however before we tell you how to do that, allow us to take this opportunity to drop a few names of our clients, as we are really proud of our client base.

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Finally and most importantly the "Q" word.  We believe we are only ever going to be in business if we produce quality results and we believe we are so good at what we do, we will always put our money where our mouth is and if we fail to deliver your project on time or meet the required accuracy levels, you won't pay a penny.  So if your ready to go to stage 2 click here for our main transcription site or if you require any further details please contact us on 0121 526 6039 and one of our team will help you out.

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